How can Vollywood® assist your success in the independent entertainment Industry?

You being here says that some interest in the Independent Entertainment Industry.  This is a very lucrative business with so many unapproachable gatekeepers. Many investors, product owners, and service providers have grown weary of gatekeepers.  We exist to ensure that all film projects are given a fair chance to be created equally by building relations with the willing and sharing the wealth of resources with the interested.

Support for Content Creators


Let’s look at pre-production as a starting line to a very long obstacle course. Those who have been fortunate enough to bring a script out of the development phase and into pre-production should not consider this the second lap. Each script runs its own course with different terrain to conquer, weather to endure, obstacles to overcome, and new heights to climb. Allow Vollywood® to assist you into creating a successful screenplay!

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Accessible Cast and Crew


Content creators are always seeking to gain access to a great cast and crew. Vollywood®’s network is constantly expanding creating strong relationships with  known producers, investors, location scouts, directors, gaffers, actors, grips, etc. Contact us to assist with the production of your project.

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Editing, Pickups, and Critiques


Now that you have the footage for your feature film and editing has begun. A new story begins to arise from the composition on the timeline.
Questions begin to plague the producer such as: Where do you go from here? Will the audience realize imperfections of the project? How do we fix this? How can we find additional capital for pickup shots or unexpected editing cost? Maybe you have a completed project and would like to screen your film to a small audience for an anonymous critique of the film. Vollywood® is the place for you.

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Packaging and Campaigning


Media projects are alive giving every movie its own story. Extensive research is usually completed during the developmental stages of a motion picture. A great scriptwriter would know the genre and an idea who their audience are. Producers frequently have inject ideas, the director will often amend or omit scenes, some actors are stronger than others changing the dynamics of scenes and the character balance, and the editor create a composition influence by the priors. Now you have a completed project that has formed into it’s own animal. How to you get the word out there?  Allow Vollywood® to assist you with creating a successful marketing campaign for your motion picture through our affiliation with proven P&A financial institutes.

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Content Seekers and Exposure

There are countless completed products that may never see the light of day because of either failed marketing, noticeable imperfections, lack of experience, weak relationships, lack of resources, etc.  Most money is spent to get the project here, and it is here where Vollywood® finds a special interest in assisting projects. This could make or break the project and sometimes the momentum of smaller production companies. See how we can help your product locate distribution.

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Education and Training

“Getting in” the entertainment industry is said to be like winning the lottery. Millions of people around the world flood the gates of Hollywood in California, Bollywood in Mumbai, and hundreds of thousands to Nollywood’s blooming industry in Africa. These industry are similar ideally yet, differ in process and standards.

Production is cost-effective for indie producers, business owners, music artist, and non-profit organizations through Vollywood®’s association of passionate individuals. Also, we have partnered with superior brands such as Adobe® and Google® to offer education and training to those who are new to the industry; as well as, those who wish to expand their knowledge in entertainment and independent media.



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